Ways to Make Sure You Live On Your Terms


Whose life is this anyway?

We spend way too much time worrying about other people. We want to fit in. We want what the other person has. There’s a lot of reasons to toe the line, but is it good for us?

Too much time spent worrying about what other people are thinking or doing takes away from your life. You start losing authenticity. Your goals and dreams start looking like everyone else’s. You lose who you are.

It’s time to break out of this cycle. When you live life on your terms, you find yourself accomplishing more and being happier in your day. You become more you than you ever were before.

How to do this?

Create a Better Focus. If you have frequently been in the habit of looking to see what other people are doing, it’s time to shift your attention to you. Forget keeping up with the Joneses. What are your goals for the day? What are you trying to accomplish? What is the work which needs to be done by your hands? Paying attention to you means you don’t have time to worry about anyone else.

Weed Out Your Friends List. When you’re busy being worried about what other people think of you, it’s easy to put up with behavior, which isn’t excellent for you to be around. Quite frankly, some people are toxic. These are people who put you down, steal your energy, make you feel bad about yourself, and sometimes even hurt you. When you’re true to yourself, you don’t hang around people who hurt you.

Hone Your Skills. It’s not uncommon to have something which you are particularly good at. But how often do you indulge in this? Are you using your skills or talents? When you are true to yourself, this means making frequent use of your gifts and even sharing them with the world.

Forget the Money. Do you make decisions based upon what will give you the most money? It’s an easy trap to fall into. Consider this: sometimes we need to do the things which are the most fulfilling over which are the most rewarding. Your bank account might not thank you, but your most genuine self will.

Embrace Modesty. So, you did a thing. Rather than wasting time trying to impress other people with your accomplishments, step back. People will notice the results of your work and appreciate it without your pointing it out. Pro tip? You’ll appreciate the compliment more when you’re not fishing for it.

Shine! Most of all, live outside the lines. Be who you are and all your magnificent, fantastic glory.

. . .

When you embrace who you are, you’re finally living life on your terms. It’s a great place to be!




Helping professionals find their super power. For more see https://professionalpractice.academy

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Phil Charles

Phil Charles

Helping professionals find their super power. For more see https://professionalpractice.academy

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