Health Benefits to Working from Home

Flexible working arrangements, especially working from home, is the way of the future. Remote working has been shown to lead to greater productivity, higher employee satisfaction, and is more family-friendly.

But scientists are finding that there are also a number of health benefits for people who work from home.

Better Sleep

Working from home means you don’t have to rush out of the door to beat the commute, and you can get some extra sleep if you need it.

Better Nutrition

If you’re at home, you’re also much less likely to skip breakfast and lunch, and you won’t get caught in meetings over your lunch break.

Less exposure to Germs

Add to that the exposure while riding the bus or train and working in an office doesn’t seem very healthy. If you’re working at home, there will be far less exposure to the many germs and viruses in your community.

No Commuting Stress

When you’re just a short walk away from your home office, the anxiety of getting to work on time just doesn’t exist. Your blood pressure and mental health will thank you for it!

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