Health Benefits to Working from Home

Better Sleep

If you’re one of the around 40% of Australians who have a poor sleep, you’ll be pleased to hear that working from home will help you get a better night’s sleep. Studies have shown that people who under sleep or who have chronic insomnia are more likely to have weakened immune systems and higher levels of anxiety and depression. Poor sleep also impacts your productivity, as you find it difficult to focus, and your cognitive function is compromised.

Better Nutrition

Healthy snacks and lunch options are as close as your kitchen when you work at home. Instead of rushing out to get a quick sandwich or skipping lunch altogether, you can make sure that there are always healthy, nutritious options close at hand. It’s easier to resist that mid-afternoon snack if there’s no vending machine around!

Less exposure to Germs

You’ve probably worked in an office where colds and flu regularly sweep through the entire building. How many people do you know who have come to work despite a hacking cough or being obviously ill? Not to mention the air conditioning pumping the germs throughout the building.

No Commuting Stress

Perhaps the best part of working from home is not having to suffer the frustrations of the daily commute. Whether you’re stuck in an endless traffic jam or crammed onto a subway car, commuting can be stressful at the best of times.



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