A systematic approach to analysing complex transport challenges

Avoiding Mistakes

  • Problem-Solution Thinking
  • Forgetting key stakeholder perspectives
  • Ill-defined problem statement

Rational Approach

  • what is going on?
  • why did the issue arise?
  • who is affected by the issue?
  • how much time and money is appropriate to spend on solving the problems?
  • what are the alternative solution options?
  • when is it appropriate to take action?

Drivers of Transport Issues

Defining Problems

The Analyst’s Toolkit

  • economic analysis, such as using benefit-cost analysis
  • social analysis, such as using multi-criteria analysis
  • environmental impact analysis

Key Concepts

  • carefully define and scope transport challenges
  • consider all key stakeholder interests in your particular challenge
  • avoid problem-solution thinking
  • use a rational approach to solving transport challenges
  • utilise tools such as PESTEL and SWOT to analyse challenges.



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