Following the six steps outlined here you can make better decisions.

Make Better Decisions

No one is born with the innate ability to make brilliant decisions all the time. Decision-making is a skill that as professionals we learn through experience — but this skill can be developed and improved to help you make the best possible choices in any given situation.

Being an effective decision-maker means you make timely, confident decisions with the least possible stress.

The next time you have an important decision to tackle, use these six steps to dramatically streamline your thinking and clarity. …

In previous articles the steps in addressing transport challenges were outlined:

The next step is getting a decision on resourcing — a systematic approach to evaluating transport proposals and presenting a business case to decision-makers.

The decision-making process involves selecting the intervention or package of options that is expected to deliver the best outcome for the investment required, and within resourcing, political and institutional context and constraints.

The preferred option has to provide value for money, which means be cost-effective, practical and acceptable.

There are three different forms of assessment — socio-economic valuation of benefits and costs; qualitative assessment of…

Analysis means identifying and describing the specific problem(s) being faced and getting an understanding of the underlying cause and effect relationships.

Avoiding Mistakes

In the article: How can you avoid transport policy mistakes? I discussed the key mistakes that transport professionals experience when solving complex challenges:

  • Problem-Solution Thinking
  • Forgetting key stakeholder perspectives
  • Ill-defined problem statement

Rational Approach

There are numerous analysis methodologies, including rationality, incrementalism and evidence based. The rational approach involves formulating the problem which leads you to ask a number of questions:

  • what is going on?
  • why did the issue arise?
  • who is affected by the issue?
  • how much time and money…

More and more people are deciding to embrace the flexibility of working from home.

There are so many pluses, from cutting out the commute to being able to focus without the distractions of open offices.

But it can be a challenge to maintain motivation and productivity when it’s just you and the cat. So how do you organise your life to maximise the opportunities of working from home?

Here are some expert tips to help you stay on track.

Have a Dedicated Office Space

It’s essential to keep the work and the living spaces of your home separate.

Having a dedicated home office is the best solution, but you can also have a desk and computer set-up that you…

Millions of people are now taking up flexible employment options, like working from home. If you have set up in a home office, there are some ergonomic basics you should remember, to stay in top shape.

1. Set Up a Proper Home Office

Having a separate room for your home office is the best option, but you can safely work at a desk in the corner of the living room too. Just make sure you can get a proper office desk and chair that are height adjustable to suit your body type.

You can still use a regular chair and table and customise them to make them…

Let us start with defining strategy. What is strategy? A strategy is a longer term direction to achieve a particular goal.

For example, the vision for road safety is ‘ No person should be killed or seriously injured on Australia’s roads’and the strategy to achieve that includes ‘ adopting the safe system approach — safe roads, safe speeds, safe vehicles and safe people’.

What is the difference between a strategy and a plan? A strategy describes the desired outcome, the strategic view, while a plan provides specific actions that will lead to that outcome. …

Have you been told that you need to be more strategic?

Being told that you aren’t strategic enough really stings. Worse is when you try to clarify what more strategic would look like and get few tangible suggestions.

Everyone has an opportunity to think more strategically. Being more strategic doesn’t just mean making decisions that affect the whole organisation into the future. It requires that you put a series of key decisions in the context of the broader goals you are trying to achieve.

If you’re not being seen as enough of a strategic thinker, my guess is that it’s…


If we were to list all the factors that make successful professionals, at the top of the list would be the way they approach decision-making.

Successful professionals know that in today’s super-fast-paced world and with the competition, decisions need to be deliberated and made quickly.

Yes, making important decisions can be stressful — but they have to be made. Making the best decision in the shortest time possible is essential if you want to get ahead and stay ahead in your career.

How do successful professionals do it?

Here are 5 secrets that you can easily adopt and make part…


Indecision is one of the most frustrating and stressful things you can face in your daily life.

Trying to decide which tie to wear or whether to buy those shoes in burgundy or black can leave some people overwhelmed. It’s even worse when it comes to making bigger decisions that have more impact on your life. Indecision can be debilitating and keep you in a constant cycle of energy-sapping stress.

But here’s the good news: indecision is a habit that can be kicked.

It will take some work on your part because we know that old habits die hard. These…

Where will your professional journey lead?

Most professionals get a degree. To the world, that degree means you know something, but to some professionals, it means you are done learning.

Your teachability index is how teachable you are at any given time. As a child your index is high, but after you think you know something, for some professionals, your index drops to zero and you stop learning. This is the worst possible thing that can happen to any professional.

These are the same people that wonder why they are not getting anywhere with their lives. …

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