Successful professionals know that in today’s super-fast-paced world and with the competition, decisions need to be deliberated and made quickly.

Yes, making important decisions can be stressful — but they have to be made. …

Flexible working arrangements, especially working from home, is the way of the future. Remote working has been shown to lead to greater productivity, higher employee satisfaction, and is more family-friendly.

But scientists are finding that there are also a number of health benefits for people who work from home.

Better Sleep


Whether you work remotely for an employer, you’re a freelancer, or run a small business from your home, there are ways to tweak your routine to keep you feeling motivated and stave off procrastination.

Adapt Your Commute

Commuting is probably everyone’s least favourite part of working.

Crammed onto the train or stuck in…

If you’re a home-based professional, you might be finding yourself swamped by emails.

Your day is full of demands from reaching out to colleagues and actually getting some work done. And all the time, emails keep coming in. So how do you gain control over your inbox and build your business?

Here are some expert tips to help you get your inbox working…

Following the six steps outlined here you can make better decisions.

Make Better Decisions

No one is born with the innate ability to make brilliant decisions all the time. Decision-making is a skill that as professionals we learn through experience — but this skill can be developed and improved to help you make the best possible choices in any given situation.

Being an effective…

In previous articles the steps in addressing transport challenges were outlined:

The next step is getting a decision on resourcing — a systematic approach to evaluating transport proposals and presenting a business case to decision-makers.

The decision-making process involves selecting the intervention or package of options that is expected to…

There are so many pluses, from cutting out the commute to being able to focus without the distractions of open offices.

But it can be a challenge to maintain motivation and productivity when it’s just you and the cat. …

Millions of people are now taking up flexible employment options, like working from home. If you have set up in a home office, there are some ergonomic basics you should remember, to stay in top shape.

1. Set Up a Proper Home Office

Having a separate room for your home office is the best option, but you…

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